Blade and Soul mobile | English version released

Blade and Soul mobile | English version released
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Loading screen of Blade and Soul mobile
Loading screen when you launch Blade and Soul Mobile

For the very first time in my life, a PC game turn into a mobile game that has no big difference at all. Not so many adjustments, graphics that will satisfy you just how you play it on your PC.

The game is completely perfect and will overwhelm you on how this kind of mobile game have been successfully launched. You can tell all the nice words just by playing it for an hour. I am now trying to promote this game, but this game right here really deserves to be a killer game of 2020.

If you have played the Blade and Soul on PC, you will definitely be amazed with the mobile version itself. Netmarble, who also developed, the company behind Lineage II: Revolution and Marvel Future Fight, have astonishingly proven and outstretched themselves.

When they announced they are planning to develop Blade and Soul for mobile, they clearly aim for almost 100% of its PC version.

This is the best mobile game for me so far that sets its bar to the highest of all mobile games. Asia has been known for skillful online game players, and now that Blade and Soul mobile is here, we are sure that Asians will be on their non-stop playing mode at any time.

Character Creation and the In-game World

Always remember, a good MMORPG delivers on character creation and class selection. A good character creation gives us the opportunity to decide on how we look like in the game and how we want to be known in every online game we play.

This is why some online game players enjoy the game community than their life outside their game. Do you agree?

Character creation and Class Selection
Character Creation

The world has gone crazy when Black Desert launched its mobile version early this year. But most of the long-time players or the “OGs” are disappointed with its graphics and game-play, adjustments for mobile version affects the expectation of the BDO Players.

Now, Blade and Soul is here to prove that whatever PC Games can do, can also be in mobile games. Blade and Soul has nothing to complain about.

Skill effect and Graphic testing

From graphics, character creation, missions, skill effects, and mechanics are definitely the finest ever. Take note, Blade and Soul mobile has its English version now. Link below for download.

Skill effect and graphic test on combat with monsters in-game
Combat mode

When you are finally done with your character creation and has entered the game from the very beginning, it allows you to auto-track and auto-play/combat monsters in the game.

We know this encourage laziness for the game, but it really depends on how you enjoy the game. With its graphics and opportunity to create combo from its skills? I doubt, you will opt to auto-combat. Because I enjoy it more when I disable the auto-play mode.

First enter on the game after Character Creation
First view on the world in-game after character creation

This is where we learn how to execute punch, jump, equip your gears, and complete the first combat combo. Every bit of this game is incredible as the print screens above and the video below. This game is no joke. It’s not yet the 4K we are expecting just yet, but it will give you the hint of mobile games are almost there.

Blade and Soul mobile first impression

The 2v2 and 4v4 Arena or also known as “PvP were officially enabled last month. This adds up to the thrilling experience of Blade and Soul. While the rumor of 500v500 clan war has been confirmed by the B&S team.

You will definitely enjoy this if you are a hardcore PC online gamer before or even a new online game player because of this pandemic. This is where you can gain friends, gives you a new world (game community) and chance of not getting bored at all while we wait for the quarantine to be lifted.

Download this game:

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14 thoughts on “Blade and Soul mobile | English version released

  1. I am not a fan of games/gaming to be honest but the graphics of the game looks promising. Instead, I will share this to mu connection who can relate. Thanks for sharing !

  2. This game looks like a fun thing to play especially for gamers out there. I can’t really say anything because I am not really into games but I should say that there is a big difference between the video games I played before compared now…

  3. I can feel your excitement that finally they released the mobile version of this game. It now became handy and not a big adjustment when it comes to its graphic and movement content. I have been playing MLBB which is quite the same with the genre of this mobile game.

  4. Not really into games but my hubby is one big fan! He always play daily which is sometime the reason of our petty quarrels. Haha. Will show him this.

  5. Not a game fan because I’m a boring old adult who spends all his time working. Hahaha. But this sure sound fun and very well-made. Hopefully a lot of kids will be able to try it out. I’m sure they have the time during this quarantine.

  6. Not really a gamer.. but i’m sure that’s great news that a PC game was transformed into mobile game without any difference! I guess more people are into mobile versions nowadays so they have to adapt. Good thing it’s like playing the PC version pa rin. 🙂

  7. I am not a gamer though.. I don’t even games:-)… But i have learned recently that the sound of video games are a form of ASMRs. So, I now have an appreciation for It.

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