Organic Harvest Coffee | Special Coffee Beans

Organic Harvest Coffee | Special Coffee Beans
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Organic Harvest Coffee – how do we assume or can tell if one is an organic coffee or not?No synthetic fertilizers, No pesticides nor any harmful chemicals used which means cleaner beans, air, land, and water.

Organic coffee beans are richer in healthful antioxidants.

For millennial, coffee has been both lauded and derided. It’s been blamed for causing impotence and insanity, as well as being a treatment for lethargy and a “gift from god.” It’s a big deal. But, in today’s world, what are the genuine, scientifically proved benefits and drawbacks of coffee?

The most well-known element in coffee is caffeine, the world’s most widely ingested psychoactive drug. Although the positive effects of coffee on the human body have been widely studied, coffee as a whole is a complicated beverage containing a thousand different chemicals. Some studies claim that decaf and caffeinated coffee have similar health effects, implying that caffeine isn’t responsible for the majority of coffee’s health advantages.

What are the benefits of organic coffee?

  • Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals abound.
  • Protects against disease by boosting the immune system.
  • Getting rid of stress and improving your mood
  • Natural sugar content has increased, making it less acidic.
  • Increasing your metabolic rate
  • Give yourself a natural energy boost

Their Story

We quickly find out that the farmers are doing some serious growing. This isn’t some modest side project; they’re organized, purposeful, and deeply invested in their work. The plants are shade-grown, meaning they are planted in between fruits trees and grow in their shadows. They are naturally protected from the sun while at the same time, benefit from the tree’s nutrients seeping through the ground.

Furthermore, no pesticides are used in their cultivation. On top of that, the trees are preserved. In other words, rather than being chopped down for firewood and charcoal, trees are sustained to aid in the production of coffee which has become a viable moneymaking enterprise.

Well that pretty much sealed the deal for us. We had a veritable source of coffee, grown and cared for by farmers who loved what they were doing. We would buy it at higher than market value, providing people with proper compensation for their labors. We’d then package and sell it in Metro Manila – one of the first locally-grown, organic, sustainable, and truly delicious blends to hit the market.

Do you drink coffee? You should. In particular, drink Organic Harvest Coffee- it could change your life. It definitely changed ours.

-Ferdie and Patty Ginete
Organic Harvest co-founders

What makes their coffee bean special?

Organic Harvest Coffee is proudly prepared from 100% organically grown, shade grown, and selected coffee beans. by farmers from Negros Occidental, specifically living in foothills of Mt. Kanlaon.

Without using any dangerous pesticides, each crop is painstakingly cared for until the beans are ripe for picking. Beans are a type of legume. They are carefully chosen to ensure that only the best beans are used in the final roasting process by skilled and devoted roast masters.


Original Brew

smooth and straightforward – for a traditional native brew.

Bugtaw Brew

aromatic, balanced and full-bodied – for a perfect
morning cup.
Fun Facts: Bugtaw and Pulaw are both Ilonggo terms (local dialect of people residing in Mt. Kanlaon). Bugtaw means "Wake up"

Pulaw Brew

aromatic, deep and intense – for an energizing espresso.
Fun Facts: Bugtaw and Pulaw are both Ilonggo terms (local dialect of people residing in Mt. Kanlaon). Pulaw means "Stay Up Late"

Opt for Coffee-on-the-go

Never missed a day without these personal drip coffee!


It has been so many years that coffee is part of my life. It all started when I tried to enter the BPO Industry. Getting immune to graveyard shift or shifting schedule made me love coffee more. Why? It helps me to be productive at work and it gives additional energy whenever I lack of sleep. But most of the time, I experienced palpitation or getting nervous easily.

I always rely my coffee life with my favorite baristas on nearby coffee shops.

But with Organic Harvest Coffee? I can save more money and at the same time enjoy my very own quality and organic brewed coffee by just using my coffee brewer at home. What makes it more interesting is their drip coffee that I can bring at work and enjoy without any hassle!

Moreover, their coffee suits my taste and doesn’t taste much of soury (which means coffee is less in acid). When I got their package, the aroma of a pure and organic coffee made me excited to try them out.

My favorite pick among the variants is the Pulaw Brew. I am no longer in a BPO Industry, but I am still working with foreign clients, thus, my partner always in graveyard shift is their Pulaw Brew.

I even shared this with my mother who likes coffee too and she likes the Bugtaw Brew every morning. I can still remember that we even brought their drip coffee in Tagaytay. Starting our cold and windy morning with Bugtaw Brew Drip coffee or sometimes their Original Brew partnered with bread in the morning.

I know you guys are craving just imagining on how my morning was. Worry no more! See their contacts below and order yours now!

Do not forget to use my code “ORGA1ADAM “ to get 10% discount from its original price! Order via Shopee now and use my voucher code!

Contact them

Shopee – Organic Harvest Coffee on Shopee

Facebook – Organic Harvest Coffee

Instagram –

Phone number – (+63)917-185-8420

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8 thoughts on “Organic Harvest Coffee | Special Coffee Beans

  1. I always call myself “your highly caffeinated writer” because the way I take coffee has been too much and not healthy anymore. I was rushed to the hospital last December because of hyperacidity. I have stopped having coffee since then. I was told I should go for brewed instead of instant and go for organic so I’m glad I came across this post. I will definitely check this out. I was clueless what kind of “organic” coffee I should go for.

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