Himawari Specialty Coffee

Himawari Specialty Coffee
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Himawari Specialty Coffee will share the gift of specialty coffee for this blog! The coffee shop is in Silang, Cavite. If you are curious why the coffee shop is named “Himawari”, it means “Sunflower”. As the owner added, Sunflower always faces and rise where the sun is and sun means bright or positivity.

Now, during my visit to Himawari Specialty Coffee, the owner (The Master Roaster), Mr. Yutaka Shinozaki who studied and certified by Specialty Coffee Association taught us the difference and the gift of specialty coffee. How is it better than our usual iced coffee or even our daily brewed coffee.

He even showed us how he prepared his beans (hopefully to upload the video blog soon on my YouTube channel). He demonstrates how he commit and dedicate his time just by roasting the coffee beans. He carefully takes down notes of the temperature every couple of minute. Now, after the beans are roasted, he will proceed for the bean-grinding and place it in a dripping tool. This makes our coffee better.

Believe it or not, a specialty coffee does not need sugar nor creamer. All I remember is that we tried Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia. When he asked me how it tasted, one word popped in my mind, and that is “nutty”.

We also tried the two different espressos, one is from a commercially produced beans (which tasted sour and strong smell) and another one is from their shop (which is mild, not too sour and you can really enjoy one whole shot of it compare to the first one).

Coffee doesn’t really taste bitter and shouldn’t taste bitter. It’s the charcoal or the burnt beans that makes it bitter.

– Mr. Yutaka Shinozaki (Himawari’s Master Roaster)

What are the benefits of coffee?

  • Boosts metabolism, can help you burn more fat.
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes
  • Protects us from Alzheimer’s Diseases and Dementia
  • Best antioxidant
  • Reduces the risk of stroke

Coffee Bean Keep Service

Himawari offers a coffee bean keep service, this is like a subscription of your chosen coffee beans. You can leave the beans in the coffee shop and just go back whenever you want to have your coffee serve until you consumed all the coffee beans you purchased.

Price: P1,000 per 100g

Pastries and Sweets

We are now on my favorite part, if you love desserts, then you should not miss these! Remember, coffee is best paired with bread or something sweet. Himawari is partnered with Edoan for pastries.

Check the pictures below:

Coffee Menu

SPECIALTY COFFEEP250/cup, P1,000/100g
Yirgacheffe (Ehtiopia) P250/cup, P1,000/100g
Mandhelling (Indonesia) P250/cup, P1,000/100g
Fazenda (Brazil) P250/cup, P1,000/100g
El Jagar (Costa Rica) P250/cup, P1,000/100g

Local Beans

Mt. ApoP150/cup, P400/150g

Regular Beans

Sabrosa (Colombia)P300/100g/1 pack
P750/300/3 packs, P1,000/500g/5 packs
Americano & EspressoP100/cup
Special Ice CoffeeP150/cup
Premium Blend (French Press)P200/cup

Sweets Menu

Eclairs (Matcha/Chocolate/White ChocolateP100 with coffee
P120 without coffee
Cream Puff Big P100 with coffee
P120 without coffee
Cream Puff Small P50 with coffee
P60 without coffee
Custard Pudding P150 with coffee
P180 without coffee

Connect with Himawari Specialty Coffee

via Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HimawariSpecialtyCoffee

via Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/himawari_specialty_coffee/

Contact Number: 0939-439-0000 / (046) 487-3782

Address: CVI Building, Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road, Silang, Cavite (beside Minerva Tires)

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5 thoughts on “Himawari Specialty Coffee

  1. I love your trivia about the origin of its name. Himawari is the perfect place to enjoy coffee 🥰 you can not only taste different coffee beans but learn how to make it 😊 they are quite pricey but reasonable, their sweets are a must try as well 😍

  2. Wow thanks for the very informative blog about Himawari Specialty Coffee. I just know that marami pa rin talagang health benefits ang coffee! Thanks to you😊

    1. Love the concept in here.Superb mind about its name .Lot of learning from you my dear ,so as the owner bright ideas on coffee and goodies

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