Salsa Fusion in Boracay – Fusion of Mexican-Spanish-Filipino Cuisines

Salsa Fusion in Boracay – Fusion of Mexican-Spanish-Filipino Cuisines
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Are you looking for a Spanish Restaurant in Boracay, you mean Salsa Fusion in Boracay? That has some touch and flavors from Mexican and Filipino food? Keep reading here to know more about where I had my lunch on my second day of stay in Boracay Island.

Salsa Fusion entrance signage
Front/Highway signage of Salsa Fusion in Station 1

As usual, summer in Boracay and it is really hot in the middle of the day. Since I had burgers, churros and milkshakes for my lunch on the first day by Steampunk Boracay. Decided to look around in Station 1 since I have been spending my first day in Station 2 and 3. While looking around, got us curious since this Salsa Fusion is actually just in front of a known Korean Restaurant – Donenoo Samgyupsal.

Salsa Fusion in Boracay is actually on the ground floor of the known and classy hotel – Serene La Playa Boracay.

Salsa Fusion in Boracay - Entrance
Entrance of both Serene La Playa and Salsa Fusion in Station 1, Boracay Island

Serene La Playa is one of the most cozy and family-friendly hotel and 30-step walk away from the beach. But I will tell you more about it on a separate post for sure, don’t worry. Going back to Salsa Fusion in Boracay, what caught my attention is the hospitality of the staff, the ambiance, sunlight spot, its color theme and the food menu of course!

As seen from the image above, you will see the menu of the day for Salsa Fusion from that board. Let me take you around the Salsa Fusion before I start sharing with you my food experience here, so you can completely imagine the feels, ambiance, and the setup when I took my lunch here.

Salsa Fusion in Boracay – The Space

One thing I can assure you, this restaurant is not-so spacious but I have heard from their staff that they are planning to expand their space converting their pool area into the extended dining area and they are projecting to finish that by this year. Right now, I think it can accommodate 25-30 guests in total with 7-8 tables if I remember correctly. Heads up, if you plan to have your lunch here, better try visiting them around 11 in the morning. For dinner time, try to visit around 5 to 6 in the evening.

Why? During peak hours of lunch and dinner time, lots of tourist are dining here. You will get to know why lots of tourist are drooling over Salsa Fusion in Boracay. Take note, there is a reason why they are awarded as Top 3 Restaurant in 2022.

The bar ambiance makes it complete together with their orange wallpaper on the main dining area for you to feel you are in Mexico or Spain.

While the couch-side dining area gives perfect sunlight spot and light for you to get better strike-a-pose and flex on Instagram.

Ventilation is enough to have their guest feel comfortable while dining even on a hot summer day.

Food Menu

Salsa Fusion in Boracay Food Menu

As you can see from their food menu, they really are not your ordinary Mexican or Spanish-Filipino restaurant.


Off-the-menu Appetizer

Salsa Fusion in Boracay Amuse Bouche
Amuse Bouche
(breaded prawn, salsa, pickled radish, chicken chicharron)

Had my warm-up to start my lunch with this Tacos-like appetizer with flavorful breaded prawn fusion with chicharron together with the astonishing flavor of those two small sauces on the side(color-orange), calming the flavor to balance with pickled radish(color-reddish)

Eggs Benedict the Salsa Fusion way!

Salsa Fusion in Boracay Eggs Benedict
Huevo Benedicto a la Mexicano 
(Homemade bacon, poached eggs, and potato rosti in a spinach tortilla topped with hollandaise sauce)

As a fan of Eggs Benedict, I have never thought of such innovation from this restaurant. Introducing to you my favorite from their menu, my top pick for this restaurant. The Salsa’s take on the classic Eggs Benedict, imagine the richness of the flavor of the eggs benedict, with the crisp and smokey flavor of Salsa’s homemade bacon and potato rosti on a spinach tortilla (chewy-crisp) together with the hollandaise sauce those orange sauces you see on the image. Balanced with the overall taste with a touch of saltiness from the caviar on top(black circles you see on the image like a pepper).

Chicharon x pork carnitas fusion

Salsa Fusion in Boracay Bagnet ala Lechon
Porchetta Bagnet
(Cooked for 12 hours until fork-tender, served with three special sauces and Mexican rice)

If you are a pork lover like me (who always want to eat in a samgyupsal restaurant), for sure you will love this. This bagnet is again cooked for whole twelve hours until it is tender enough. The way they cook the meat (shred or pulled-pork texture-type) is separate from how they fry and cook the fat-pork skin. Combining this cooking style makes this Porchetta Bagnet in its “ala-lechon style” bringing the hype of Filipino food into your table. Do not forget, those orange spots are actually used as a sauce too that can be a perfect match to this bagnet. Already drooling while typing this, believe me. If I will visit the island, will surely order this one again.

Off-the-menu chef’s special

Salsa Fusion in Boracay Squid Ink Paella
Squid Ink Paella
(with prawns, squid, mussels, clams)

A big shoutout to all the paella lovers out there! In every buffet restaurant I dined in with, I make sure to never missed out paella on my plate. Another food innovation that made me speechless and drooled over on this squid ink paella. From its name, the Salsa Chef used the squid ink on the rice. Take note, Chef Kean Agcon (Food Scientist, Master Chef of Salsa Fusion) did the socarrat in the paella. Socarrat is a technique or the caramelized crispy layer of rice sticking on the paella pan. Making your experience on this paella on another level of experience and the right way the paella should be. Honestly, I am honored to be able to experience these food innovation of Chef Kean.

Going back to the squid ink used in this paella, it matches the Smokey-seafood flavor together with the seafood toppings – prawns, squid, mussels and clams. When I say fresh seafood, it really is. Knowing that the restaurant is located in an island. What I finished eating first on this paella is the clams and prawns. If you have watched my Cebu vlog last 2018, you know how I love clams and prawns.

Salsa Fusion in Boracay secret sauce
Secret hot sauce
Note: Try their secret hot sauce (just request for the secret hot sauce and show the image above.

A small forest in a bowl, a play of textures and temperatures

(White chocolate glutenous rice, dark chocolate sponge, chocolate ice cream, meringue, candied danggit)

Now we are on the exciting part! We are no on their dessert menu. First impression from the image above? For me: Forest, soil, and Alice in Wonderland.

Have you guess which one is the meringue here? Bet not, or maybe somehow getting the idea. Why are there mushrooms in my champurrado? Yup, another food innovation from Chef Kean (rounds of applause for, Chef!). When you dig deep on this dessert, chocolate ice scream to represent the coolness and creaminess combining with the strong chocolate flavor of the dark chocolate sponge and finally reaching the white chocolate glutenous rice to represent the main and symbolic champurrado. Breaking these all sweetness with the pinch of saltiness from the candied danggit(the brownish color bits on the image above).

Water Lily on a stagnant pond

Salted Egg & Ube Sponge Cake
(Moist and flavorful ube sponge cake topped with butter cream, salted eggs, muscovado sugar, and manchego cheese)

The ube sponge cake with a texture that will let you bring forward to “Christmas season here in Philippines” – Bibingka. Is another high level experience on this dessert in terms of innovation. First impression on this ube sponge cake is like a Water Lily on a stagnant pond. Since you all know that bibingka is not complete without “salted egg”, the manchego cheese makes it a perfect experience for this dessert. Manchego is a cheese made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed (source: Wikipedia)


Station 1, Boracay Island

Landmark: In front of Donenoo Korean Restaurant and located on the main floor of Serene La Playa Hotel


Facebook page:


Phone: (036) 288 4888

12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm


Adam Belda tried Salsa Fusion in Boracay
Happy tummy!

Ever since I tried Salsa Fusion, all I want to do is to recommend them to all my friends who are visiting or planning to visit the Boracay Island. Why? I do not want them to miss the incredible food experience Chef Kean prepared for our Boracay Tourists. As I have mentioned before, when traveling, spend money on foods, embrace the culture, know the history of the menu, and make your heart and tummy happy with good foods.

Now, I have shared with you as my readers and followers of this blog the greatness and a true hidden gem in the heart of Boracay Island. I am honored and thankful to be able to talk personally with Salsa Fusion’s Chef to be able to know the story behind the food menu of Salsa Fusion. It marked in my mind his statements below:

I spent time to create and innovate the food menu from scratch, where I want both our local and international tourists will enjoy our foods here. Reason behind the fusion of Mexican-Spanish-Filipino cuisines.

Chef Kean

My wife was pregnant during the time I innovated and planned the foods here in Salsa, She’s part of these food creation we have in Salsa Fusion.

Chef Kean

Each foods you see on this menu, I treat them as my children. I create them, I spent time with the innovation, I prepared them with love as a father.

Chef Kean

I have seen and felt the passion from Chef Kean and I cannot wait to share with you my interview with Chef Kean. With Great Chef comes with a great restaurant – Salsa Fusion Restaurant.

Salsa Fusion in Boracay Food menu

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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15 thoughts on “Salsa Fusion in Boracay – Fusion of Mexican-Spanish-Filipino Cuisines

  1. Grabe Sir Adam! May flight kami sakto ng family ko on June 5. Try namin dito since mahilig si hubby ko ng spanish foods.

  2. OMG! Never knew there is such a place in Station 1. Will try it here on our last day stay in Boracay. We are here ’til the 7th of next month. Been checking places where else can we try mexican foods. Is that secret sauce a bomb and a must try, honey?

  3. Tried them pricy and I must say worth their price, nice to know the behind the story with their chef. Balanced spiciness and flavors.

    1. Yup, worth the price naman. Even the servings are for sharing. Didn’t felt it was pricey since I am satisfied with all the orders I ate haha! Can you share what your ordered in Salsa? I am planning to visit them this October at for sure kakain uli ako dito.

  4. I missed this one on our recent trip to Boracay. We ate mostly at Stations 1 & 2. I’m trying to view the prices on the menu but I can’t make them out. Is it pricey? Thinking of trying it on our next Boracay visit.

  5. Grabe sobrang natakam ako sa mga foods nila!! Sana makapabalik na kami ng Pinas, and visit Boracay to enjoy your recommended resto. That paella is ohlala!

  6. that’s a lot of food in front of you. surely there’s so much to look forward to in there since it lands as one of top restos. i love the colorful walls, very mexican.

  7. Saktong sakto! I’m currently drafting my itinerary in Boracay for 2N3D. I’ll list this one down for dining. This fusion of different culture of cuisines is heaven in my ears. Gusto ko kasi talaga mag explore when it comes to food! Mainstream resto ba to sa Boracay?

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