Sorosoro Springs Resort and Adventure Park

Sorosoro Springs Resort and Adventure Park
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Trying out the hanging bridge at Sorosoro Springs
One of my fear is crossing any hanging bridge, my Blogger friends witnessed how scared I am. Trauma from my last year’s Cebu canyoneering trip.

Two weeks after being diagnosed with Dengue, now it’s time for me to enjoy and appreciate nature, relax and catch up with my Blogger friends. It has been like so many years since my last visit at Batangas and heard about this resort and adventure park from one of my Blogger friends, Allan from the They recommended this resort and adventure park since it is the perfect place for team building, barkada outing, or if you want to escape from the stress of city life.

Swimming pool at Sorosoro Spring Resort
Cozy pool at Sorosoro Springs, take note, this is just one of the pools they have.
Kiddie pool at Sorosoro Spring Resort
Kiddie pool at Sorosoro Springs Resort
Another swimming pool at Sorosoro Spring Resort
Another swimming pool at Sorosoro Springs Resort

Sorosoro Springs Resort and Adventure Park will let you enjoy the natural scenery in Batangas. Recommended pools with cold water since even it is BER months already, we can still feel that it is summer.

We were welcomed by the staff and also the Manager of this resort. We enjoyed the food they served from first day until we check-out.

Enjoying and curious about their details? Keep reading below!


  • Six (6) nature spring pools
  • Hanging Bridge (2 types – wooden and another bridge made with metal or strong wires I guess?)
  • Function Halls
  • Event ground for the team building activities
  • Hanging Bicycle
  • Cabanas, Casitas, or dorm type rooms

Room and Accommodation rates:

  • Cabanas – good for 2 pax for only P2,500 per night. Equipped with queen size bed with air condition, complete with toiletries, ensuite bathroom, and breakfast for two.
  • Casitas – good for 2 pax for only P2,299 per night. Provided with bunk bed, air-conditioned room with small balcony and bathroom.
  • Dorm A – good for 10 pax for only P5,999 per night. Provided with five (5) bunk beds, a bathroom with complete toiletries and with breakfast for ten (10) pax.

Team Building and Group Activities:

Now, we are on what I missed during our stay to be honest. Because of the relapsed I had from Dengue. I was just staying in our Casitas but I can definitely hear and see how each friend of mine enjoyed the outdoor activities. It was the best time of our life to escape from online world, from being stuck on any social media world.

I will make sure that next time I will be able to participate. Planning to bring my family here the next time and set a reunion for Gutierrez Clan.

How to get there:

Print out map on how-to get to Sorosoro Springs Resort

Via Commute:

  • Ride any bus going to Batangas Grans Central.
  • From the terminal, ride a jeepney and drop-off at Hypermarket Balagtas.
  • Ride a tricycle (should be special trip) to drop you off to the resort. Fare should only be P200.
  • PS: You can also call the resort to schedule a pickup from the Hypermarket Balagtas for only P600 for van.

Via Private Car:

  • From Manila, go straight to SLEX and Batangas Star Toll
  • Waze/Google Maps to navigate the direction going to the resort


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17 thoughts on “Sorosoro Springs Resort and Adventure Park

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dengue. Pero mas mabuti na lang you played it safe by just staying indoors. Next time sa family gathering nyo sana mag enjoy ka na ng todo todo.

  2. Sorry to hear about the dengue. Hope you’re okay now.

    I am from Batangas pero ang dami dami ko pang hindi napupuntahan dun. Thank you for sharing this, will definitely add this on my list. 🙂

    1. Scary? I am scared of heights to be honest. But yeah, you can plan as early as now for the next year’s team building. Highly recommended!

  3. Ohhh I missed a lot of fun! I was also invited here but I had other stuff to do that time. Anyway, I’ll definitely check this out myself next year!

  4. Nakakamiss yung food dito! Bongga yung boodle fight package nila haha and the fact na kahit naka kubo ka, eh matino yung cr. Parang Glamping pero for “living that provincial life” ang pegs… Sana next time makabalik tayo dito with matching try ng zip line at air bike hahaha

    1. My heart is pounding till now whenever I remember that momma Lee run on that hanging bridge. Totally not doing at all ahaha. Yes, the rest room in each kubo is unexpectedly clean and quality.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I missed swimming in a resort with my friends since we do this kind of activity during summer when I was in the Philippines.

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